For Over 40 Years, von BOETTICHER Has Been
Synonymous With Competence, Confidence, Innovativeness and International Strategy Under One Roof

Competence to us, means the first-rate qualification of our attorneys, profound practical experience and the comprehensive understanding of all our clients’ individual business needs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. At von BOETTICHER, we provide individual solutions specifically geared to your long-term best interests.

Confidence, to us, means being our clients’ best partner. Think of us as your personal service provider, rather than “just another law firm”. We present a clearly structured and transparent strategy, pinpoint problems and consult with you one-on-one to protect your interests.

Innovativeness, to us, means identifying any legal trends early on and implementing them into our law practice in order to proactively protect our clients’ future competitiveness.

International strategy, to us, means thinking and acting globally like our clients. We are well-known and respected for our high quality standards and flexibility in international consulting, due also to our cooperation with competent partner firms in more than 180 economic centers around the world.

Under one roof, to us, means consolidating competent client services across multiple law fields and across multiple locations. Each partner remains the primary contact to serve the client in all legal issues individually, teaming up with other expert attorneys from different law fields and from other national and international locations, as needed. This approach guarantees excellent legal advice and cost-efficiency at the same time.